Skills Marketplace: a skills driven way for B2B upskilling needs.

Context: I took over the design lead position on Skills Marketplace in March 2019, right as the project changed gears from a B2C offering to a B2B offering. the idea behind it was that by assessing skills and career development goals, we could supply employees with a personally curated learning for their up-skilling needs. At this crucial stage in the product development I was keen to not only align the stakeholders (product, corporate sponsors and SME's) but also start defining our MVP, In order to achieve this I created and facilitated a two-day design workshop in Hoboken, NJ as the majority of our team was east coast based.

This workshop was a two-day event, the first day we did a co-design session with internal and external users. We had two learning and development managers, three people managers and three individual contributors (our end users). This Co-Design session had three goals Kickstart Designs, Align Interests and Share Ideas. We broke the brainstorming session into three parts to better understand the current needs and solutions but also explore new ones.
I used the Diverge > Emerge > Converge Method to quickly gather as many ideas as possible (Diverge: quantity over quality), share those ideas with the group (Emerge where we share and cross-pollinate and expand on others ideas) then we close out by choosing the strongest ideas (Converge narrow those ideas down to the most quality and strongest).